Filmmaker Simeon Quarrie's expert advice on the key factors that help to make great videos

The Video Mode caught up with Canon Explorer Simeon Quarrie and asked him for his top tips for shooting better video.

Simeon is an internationally known filmmaker and photographer who travels globally to produce creative storytelling in his videos for some of the biggest brands in the world.

According to Simeon here are just some of the main areas you should be considering if you want to produce great films.

The importance of sound

As well as shooting stunning footage, quality sound is absolutely key for shooting better video.

Simeon explained: “Sound is something that totally transforms a piece [of video]. It could be music that goes under a piece or a voice but it’s a really key essential as video is about the visuals but also about the sound.”

Make sure you get your sound right for your video to be successful

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Get your story right

In any video you’ll need to tell a story – whether it’s a just recounting a family outing, a short film or a longer form production.

Simeon revealed: “Video doesn’t work without having some type of story or reason for existing. Once you find out that story or what you want to convey to the audience you then go about creating a series of shots that allows you to do that.”

Moving your camera

Unlike stills photography one of the main considerations when shooting video is how you move your camera to capture dynamic footage.

Simeon said: “It’s about moving the camera or having a subject move in front of the camera. Don’t underestimate the power of panning or tilting or moving the camera back and forth!”

There’s plenty of gear out there to help you move your camera smoothly

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Lighting is essential for shooting better video

In a similar way to photography, light is essential to video.

Simeon noted: “LED light allows you to start to craft a story or craft the visuals. If you’re going to work with light remember you have control of position and maybe the ability to choose the colour.

“Think about your choice of colour and see how you can use that to creatively move the visual aesthetic of your piece forward.”

Lighting your film correctly will really help you produce better footage

We’ve rounded up some great low budget lighting tips for filmmakers alongside Simeon’s top tips for lighting.

Camera use

Simeon advised: “Get to understand your camera! Have a play and don’t be afraid to flip the mode to video!”

You can also find out more about Simeon Quarrie’s work by visiting his website – to do so just click here.