Wildlife and nature photographer and videographer, Luke Massey, gives us his top tips for shooting video footage on your DSLR.

In his career, Luke has gone from just shooting stills on his DSLR to shooting awe-inspiring time-lapse sequences and powerful videos.

He’s worked with the BBC as well as independent production companies and has been featured in nationally published magazines.

1. Do your research

Do your research on what DSLR to use if you don’t own one yet

In the first of Luke’s top tips for shooting video, he advises you work out what camera’s best for you.

If you already have a DSLR that can film, then find out what that camera’s strengths and weaknesses are as a video camera.

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2. Don’t feel like you have to spend loads of money on kit

Sometimes all you need to get started is your trusty tripod

Luke warned not to get sucked into blogs and websites where people are buying huge rigs to try and turn their DSLRs into cinema cameras. You don’t need to do that.

Just start using your camera handheld or chuck it on a video tripod and start shooting.

“You can start shooting straightaway. Don’t be afraid of thinking oh I haven’t got that,” Luke added.

If you have a video mode on your camera, you’re almost set.

Watch our video on how to set up your DSLR for video.

3. Get some ND filters

Filters can really help when you’re using your DSLR to film

A lot of the professional level cameras have ND filters built into them.

When you’re shooting stills you can whack up the shutter speed when it’s too bright but when you’re filming, you need a relatively low shutter speed so it’s important to find another way to control the light.

ND filters are essential if you plan to work outdoors.

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