Filmmaker Simeon Quarrie gives his expert advice for creative filmmaking and targetting clients

The internationally known filmmaker, photographer and Canon Explorer Simeon Quarrie regularly travels the globe to shoot and produce creative videos for some of the biggest corporate and commercial brands in the world. During his successful career he has amassed a wealth of knowledge and at The Video Mode’s recent filmmaking workshop at the world famous Pinewood Studios we filmed Simeon passing on his expertise with some top tips for creative storytelling and how to set up a video business…

Creative decision making
On creative storytelling Simeon explains, “I feel that creativity can 100% be taught. It’s essentially a set of decisions that lead to an end result. So, for me, the creative process is just problem solving – you look at things and think ‘what is not right?’ and then fix it. Barely ever do I get it perfect on the first shot – there’s a thought process that you’re correcting things and problem solving.”

He adds, “I really enjoy narrative and story. When you do video naturally you do a sequence of frames and as you do a sequence of frames it starts to tell you something about that narrative. I try and understand my clients – whether it be corporate or commercial or bridal – as much as possible and find ways of adding in that story.”

Target your clients
The key to any business is knowing, and targetting, your potential or preferred client base. Simeon reveals, “If you were to set up a café you would be thinking location, location, location or you might be thinking ‘what type of cuisine or what type of environment do I want to create?’ You go through a mental checklist as you start to define your business.”

He continues, “But when you start working as a filmmaker sometimes we just go ‘I can do video’ and you build a website and put a collection of nice videos on it and you’re going to hope that people come to you. But it’s really important to try and dig a bit deeper and work out who is your ideal client – the moment you do that it becomes much more cost effective to target them and your spend has a further reach as a result.”

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To discover more of Simeon Quarrie’s best advice for creating a narrative and a successful business just click the play button in the video window at the top of this article to watch the film. To watch another exclusive The Video Mode tuition video with Canon Explorer Simeon Quarrie’s top tips for ‘shooting better video’ just click here. You can also discover more about Simeon Quarrie’s creative work by visiting his agency’s website – to do so click here.