If you want to make your video really stand out then you are going to need more than your cameras tiny built-in microphone. We explain the basics of how record sound for you video.

Unless you’re planning on recording a silent movie, audio recording and quality are some of the most vital components in the video making process.

Recording audio DSLR

You can get away with slightly dodgy pictures if you’ve got good and clear audio, but this doesn’t work the other way around. Pretty much all cameras have a tiny microphone built-into them and those are fine for home videos and candid video recording. But built-in microphones aren’t much good if you want to try and produce some video of a high standard.

Built-in mics are too small and they’re Omni-directional, which means they pick up sound from all around them. They’re also very susceptible to wind noise. To improve the quality of your audio, take a look at some external microphone options.

The most standard option is a regular hotshoe mic that sits in the hotshoe of the camera and plugs into the mic input. Even the most basic hotshoe mics have some clear advantages over built-in audio recording. For starters they’re directional microphones so they will do a better job of recording what ever you’re pointing your camera at. It’s also an advantage to have the sound being recorded by a microphone outside of the camera body because it should pick up less sound from us operating the camera.

There are some significantly better options available to you if you want to get serious about your audio though. You could use a more advanced microphone for example. One of the mics that we use, the Sennheiser MKE 600, is also a directional microphone but it can record a much narrower beam of sound, cutting out ambient noise more effectively than many of the cheaper options. The MKE 600 can also be attached to stands and boom arms, as well as the top of the camera. The ability to attach a dead cat or windshield to sit around the microphone is another reason why more professional productions will opt for a mic like this. It will deliver significantly cleaner and clearer audio than the cameras built-in microphone.