Filmmaker Simeon Quarrie's expert advice on dynamic camera movement and sound for video

Canon Explorer Simeon Quarrie is an internationally known filmmaker and photographer who runs an agency, Vivida, that produces creative video storytelling for some of the biggest brands in the world. At The Video Mode’s recent filmmaking workshop at Pinewood Studios Simeon passed on his invaluable expertise and knowledge to the attendees and we filmed him delivering some essential tips for dynamic camera movement for video and recording sound for films…

One of the key considerations when shooting video is how you should think about using dynamic camera movement to capture gripping footage that adds to and tells a story. Simeon explains, “When you shoot photographs with everything you do you move along and then you freeze and take a shot, then walk along and freeze and take the shot… with video it becomes about the movement of the camera. That’s when we start getting in to the realm of whether the camera slides or does it move because it’s on a steadicam or do you pan or do you tilt?”

Multiple angles
He adds, “With video, if you need multiple angles and you can’t miss a moment, you need to have more than one person [shooting]. With a team of three as a ‘team sport’ we’d have one person on a long lens, another person on a wide lens and another person is on the ‘the sexy cam’, which basically means they take the [dynamic shooting] risks.”

Working with sound
The other key difference between stills photography and video is the requirement to work with sound. Simeon reveals, “Sound is like light – if you’re far away from the source, the quality of it diminishes. So, if you have cameras at a long distance to get the best shot, even with a microphone on the top, you wouldn’t get the quality that you needed. Like all things [with sound] you build experience and you start to begin to get an idea of what’s going to happen [next].”

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