Why not get a grip of your monopod and expand your creative options? We reveal a few simple and fun ways to add incredible visual impact to your films


The simple monopod can be an astonishingly versatile tool to add that extra bit of visual ‘punching power’ to your filmmaking. Our exclusive video tells you how you can quickly set up and shoot dynamic footage with just a monopod, a few monopod tips and techniques, plus your imagination.

It proves that you can get action shots full of dynamism with the tripod’s ‘annoying little brother’ but without having to break the bank on a kitbag full of new gear…

Here are the easy monopod tricks and techniques we’ll show you how to shoot:

The Dutch Angle

With just a piece of string, your foot on the monopod’s feet and a bit of body movement you can create the so-called ‘Dutch Angle’. It will instantly add a dream-like effect to your video footage.

The Dolly Shot

You don’t have to invest in expensive dolly systems! Why not use a bungee cord to attach your monopod to an old skateboard? This will ensure you get super smooth shots ‘on the go’.

The Steadicam Shot

Save yourself more money by simply attaching a 1kg weight – or add more weight depending on how heavy your camera is – to the feet of the monopod to help to stabilise it. This creates a great counterbalance to the top half of your rig for surprisingly steady handheld shots. Then just get out shooting with your very own homemade steadicam!

The Tracking Shot

By simply tipping your monopod upside down you can track and shoot subjects from a low angle. Remember to flip your footage 180 degrees during post-production to ensure you get stunning results.

The Aerial Shot

Just lift your monopod up and pull your it towards your chest to support it – you’ll quickly be able to film great high-level views of crowds, action and much more…

You won’t believe how mastering your monopod can be so simple – just watch the video above to see exactly how it’s all done!

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