Canon DSLRs are designed for easy customisation to help to make your videography as intuitive as possible. Watch us customise an EOS 5D Mark III to give you some ideas about the possibilities...


The Video Mode’s in-house videographer John Layton runs you through how to change the Canon buttons on a EOS 5D Mark III for shooting movies.

Plenty of DSLR users, videographers and photographers alike, may never fully take advantage of the range of customisation options that are available to them.

Most people probably have something that irks them a little about the way their camera works but may not be aware that it could be quickly tweaked with just a little customisation.

It can be difficult to know exactly what you want to do at first, though, and can be all to easy to get lost in the morass of menus before you make any meaningful progress.

To give you a helping hand we’ve created this easy-to-follow tutorial video that unlocks some of the ‘secrets’ of customisation.

How to customise your Canon buttons

Reassigning the START/STOP recording button to the shutter button to start recording

To do this you go into the menu and into the last screen on the camera icon. Then you click on ‘Movie shoot’ mode and change the setting just in that.

Canon buttons

Customising your Canon buttons: How to change the START/STOP buttons

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Changing the depth-of-field button to the electronic spirit level

You can reassign this by going into the Custom Controls panel and by pressing enter on the depth-of-field button. From here you can reassign it.

This means you can have easy access to the electronic spirit level, which helps to keep your shots nice and straight.

Canon buttons

Customising your Canon buttons: How to assign your electronic spirit level

The short video includes plenty of tips and tricks that should help to expand your mind and give you a few ideas as to how you might want to customise your EOS DSLR so your settings fit exactly how you use the camera.

Whilst this video features the EOS 5D Mark III, the many possibilities for customising video settings also apply to many other EOS DSLRs, including the 80D, 6D, 7D Mark II and the EOS-1D X Mark II.

By taking just a little time to make your DSLR fit your needs a little better, you should find shooting video with it becomes much easier and a lot more fun.

Click above to watch the short video, then have a go at customising your own DSLR.