One YouTuber has taken inspiration from Christopher Nolan's 2010 thriller with these drone shots


You’ve saved up your money for ages and you’ve finally purchased that drone you’ve been after for so long, so what now? Well why not take inspiration from best directors out there today? That’s what YouTuber FPF Studios did, taking inspiration from British film director Christopher Nolan.

In the video above the footage does a good job at mimicking Inception‘s mind-bending CGI effects when the landscape curves onto itself. The effect is clearly a favourite of Nolan’s who also used it for his 2014 Sci-fi flick Interstellar as Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) flies onto a planet where the clouds are frozen and look eerily like a double of the landscape below.

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The results of the mirroring is simple but slightly unsettling and incredibly cool, all at the same time. Taking in different landscapes, at varying speeds and directions, the video shows how you can play with the content you film while flying your drone.

This clip is also a good example of continuing to film even when you finish filming what you need and your drone is returning. B-roll footage is never useless and if you can think outside the box you can create some thing a little special.

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