Canon video reveals how the dramatic in car scenes in Need For Speed were filmed on Canon EOS Cinema cameras and lenses.

Wanting to make the audience feel like they were actually in the car, cinematographer Shane Hurlbut and director Scott Waugh shot Need For Speed using Canon EOS C500 and EOS 1D-C DSLR cameras.

“I really like to go back to realism and not have any CGI in my films. The wrecks that you are going to see and the speed that we travel – it’s all in camera.”

Scott Waugh, Director

The video is a breathtaking insight on to how a Hollywood blockbuster is filmed, with interesting shots showing how the cameras were mounted inside, and outside, each car to really make the audience feel like they are actually there.

“Every embedded in-car camera was a C500.”

Shane Hurlbut, Cinematographer

Give the video a watch and watch in awe at the kit being used for filming