Award-winning filmmaker Ross Anderson shares some his experiences and offers advice for shooting video on a DSLR

One of the pieces of work that Ross Anderson is most famous for is the “Trials of The Past” video that he shot for electro/dance band SBTRKT. That project, which he created alongside Northern Film & Media, is one the most visually stirring videos in recent dance music history. But one of the most fascinating things about it, other than it’s moving and thought-provoking content, is that he shot it using a Canon EOS 550D.

The EOS 550D is one of the Canon’s mid-range DSLR cameras, and it’s by no means considered to be a professional camera. However, the quality of Ross’s work shows that you don’t need to wait until you can afford a professional video-capable camera to get started.

Ross says that it’s important to know the limitations of your camera, whichever camera that may be. But he found that using a DSLR has some distinct advantages over larger cameras.

As it is a smaller camera, Ross could put the Canon EOS 550D in spaces and positions that it would have been too tough for larger cameras to work in, and it makes it easy to ‘run-and-gun’ – quickly shooting on the go.

If you are a stills photographer moving into video, Ross encourages you to experiment and not shy away from the different elements of filmmaking, including editing and colour grading. With the footage shot, the visual effects, colour grading and editing skills then play a huge part in the stunning quality of his work. He manages to capture engaging shots in-camera, but then transforms that footage into cinematic level work during post-production.

So sit back and watch Ross’ advice on how to get started shooting video on a DSLR.