Walter Chang packed in his job to do the thing everyone talks about doing and took off around the world. Watch the amazing timelapse of his journey


Following a three-year journey that took in far-flung places from Macchu Picchu to Namibia, Walter Chang can safely call himself well-travelled.

Stifling in a stressful job he hated, Chang spent a year couch-surfing while he saved and saved, and then set off on the trip of a lifetime, which he documented with the awesome time lapse video you can watch above.

He writes a little about his experiences on Medium:

‘Traveling in this manner is really an educational experience and an investment in yourself. You get to see how other people live and how they view life. You also get time to reflect on your own issues from an altogether different perspective.’

While Walter was lucky enough to have an incredible experience – and create a fantastic time lapse out of it – he does not shy away from the less glamorous aspects of his travel. As well as the amount of work involved in finding himself accommodation while lugging around 20kg of backpack, he also had some hair-raising moments, including several bouts of food poisoning, a disastrous robbery in Chile and a near-death experience with a car crash in Namibia.

Despite these setbacks though he is happy with his experience, and urges those with the travel bug to consider long-term travel as an option. He’s managed to raise some money on a Kickstarter  to produce a photobook of his trip as well.

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