Going somewhere nice? Take a few minutes to watch this short film by travel filmmaker Brandon Li packed with visually exciting shots for a bit of inspiration

Recreating the essence of a city can be pretty tough going for videographers – how do you go about shooting and editing your film so your viewer really experiences all the noise and bustle, the sheer scale and intensity of it?

In this great short, titled ‘Hong Kong Strong’, pro travel filmmaker Brandon Li dives headlong into Hong Kong itself attempting to capture, as he puts it, “the madness and beauty of this impossible city”.

We’re treated to a visual feast, packed to the brim with an onslaught of creative camera tricks and editing techniques aimed at pulling the viewer into Hong Kong as it prepares for one of its most electrifying times – Chinese New Year.

You can find out more about Brandon Li and his work on his Vimeo page and his website. Check out his other films if you need more inspiration!