Jonathan Hair handled a potentially unpleasant situation with class when a member of the public accused him of in appropriately using a drone, despite being in a public area


Drone videography is a new and burgeoning field, and there has been no shortage of incidents where a drone hobbyist has had to deal with some form of confrontation over his or her flying. If it happens to you, hopefully you’ll be able to handle it with as much class and poise as Jonathan Hair.

A drone pilot and aerial photographer, Hair was recently confronted after flying his drone by a man who accused him of inappropriately filming a girl’s football game. When Hair asked the man what crime he was supposed to be committing the man demurred, saying he didn’t know, but still found the practice objectionable.

Despite the fact that they were in a public park and Hair was keeping his distance from the game, the situation still looked as though it had the potential to turn ugly. Fortunately, Hair’s calm and measured response meant that the confrontation didn’t turn violent, and eventually things

Hair posted his GPS logs at the end of the video, in which you can see that he isn’t particularly near the football game, and certainly not ‘hovering’ over it like his accuser tried to claim


It’s a good lesson to remember though for photographers, videographers and adopters of new technology everywhere – unfamiliar things will inevitably breed mistrust, and this can result in unpleasant situations – Hair uses the term ‘drone paranoia’, which seems fairly apt.

Handle it as calmly as Hair did and you should be fine.

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