"Battle of the Ages", by YouTube filmmaker Scott Winn, shows off the versatility of Canon's XC10 camcorder

One of two films to premiere at the 2015 NAB show in Las Vegas earlier this year, ‘Battle of the Ages’ by Scott Wynn is an example of the potential of the 4K system.

A fun, humorous riff on 1980s-style crime dramas, the video shows off the moves of three professional parkour artists in a stunning, city-spanning chase that shows that looks can be deceiving.

Click above to watch the video, which was captured entirely using the Canon XC10, mounted on a Freefly MōVI M5

‘While we love epic, extreme adventures, we prefer to keep the crazy on screen and away from our camera crew,’ said Scott. ‘The XC10 camcorder worked perfectly out of the box. And, the image this tiny, lightweight camera produced is larger than life. I know my work will look great if it is streaming on the small screen of someone’s phone or projected in true 4K in a massive theater.’

If you’ve watched the video you’ll be able to appreciate the scale of the action and the technical complexity of some of the shots involved as the chase runs through Salt Lake City.

To accomplish this, Scott enlisted the help of Helivate Films’ Zac Eskelsen, who brought along a DJI Spreading Wings S1000 drone with a MōVI gimbal for some aerial shots.

‘We love what we were able to accomplish with this camera from above, these shots add a dynamism to our film that was shot in one day with a small crew,’ Scott said. ‘The sky is the next frontier for filmmakers, and this camera puts quality drone work within reach for every creator.’

Scott’s YouTube channel has amassed more than 427,000 subscribers, and his videos have accumulated more than 78,000,000 views.

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