Rollei's new Safety pads can secure your GoPro firmly, but safely

Product Overview

Rollei Safety Pads for Action Cameras and GoPros


Rollei Safety Pads for GoPro compatible actions cameras


Price as reviewed:

£15.00 (approx - €20 on official site)

After a couple of high profile accidents there has been some concern that securing an action camera to a helmet, or about your person, can cause serious inury in the event of an accident. There have even been claims that during a crash a fixed action camera can compromise the integrity of a helmet. Rollei have been quick to act on this safety issue by working with iShoxs to design a mount that releases the camera when it is hit by a firm, sudden impact.

The mounts themselves look like most other GoPro mounts, with a 3M self adhesive pad that attaches to a helmet pr pther surface. Both flat and curved pads are available depending on the surface you wish to mount your camera to, and as usual the actual camera mount uses a simple sprung quick release mechanism to allow you to move the camera on and off the mount.

Where the Safety Pad mounts differ is that a short, sharp, knock to the camera or screw thread handle will cause the qucik release to unlock, releasing the camera and absorbing some of the shock that would otherwise be forced in to the surface of the helmet.

Short of crashing head first over and over again, there was little that we could do to test just how well this device worked. Instead of doing than, we mounted one of the Rollei safety pads mounts and a GoPro to a desk and hit it at various different angles. The result was that the camera and mount popped off nearly everytime, but the 3M pad held the quick release plate firmly in place, just as it should.


From the rubberised textured on the mounting screw to the pop off shock system, the Rollei Safety Pads are designed to give you some peace of mind that if you crash the your action camera isn’t going to do you more harm than good. Quite how good they will be in an accident is something that we hope nobody has to ever experience, but our makeshift test shows that the system works. But more improtantly the device meets the German TüV safety standard.

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