Product Overview

Sony A7S II


  • Internal 4K recording
  • Excellent low-light performance
  • 100fps shooting for slow motion
  • 5-Axis image stabilisation with compatible lenses
  • (3-Axis image stabilsaition with all third-party lenses)
  • Handy Picture Profile settings


  • Sun-spot issue
  • Rolling shutter noticeable with quick pans


Sony A7S II Review



Lens System

Sony have done an excellent job of getting some key lenses for the A7 series manufactured and on sale. Add to this the existing E mount lenses for the APS-C cameras (which must be used in a crop mode) and the Sony A mount lenses, that can be used via Sony’s LA-EA3 and EA4 adapters, and there is a huge number of lenses available. Add to this the latest Zeiss Loxia and Batis lenses, a series of Voigtlander lenses due out next year, and of course the Samyang Xeen Cine lenses and things are looking bright for the FE mount. And of course there are the mount adapters that will allow you to use any number of SLR lenses on the A7S II, some even allowing AF with Canon lenses, and the A7S II looks like a very strong proposition in terms of videographers wanting to use their often varied selection of lenses.

During testing the A7S II we used a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 from around 1963 and loved using it wide open. The softness and flare looks fantastic, and we only used a very cheap adapter from eBay – nothing special at all. Watch our sample video to see just what the footage looks like.

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