With a 1-inch sensor, 4K capture at 305Mbps and a 24-240mm equivalent lens, could the Canon XC10 be the perfect all-rounder for run-and-gun videographers?

Product Overview

Canon XC10


  • + Impressive 4K 305Mbps output
  • + 12EV Dynamic Range
  • + Lightweight and compact
  • + Nice articulated screen and grip
  • + Excellent image stabilisation, especially in HD modes


  • - No 4K recording on to SD Card, only CFast
  • - CFast cards expensive
  • - Headphone socket on handgrip annoying


Canon XC10 Review


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There are three different types of image stabilisation on the Canon XC10. Standard stabilisation, which is just labeled Stabilisation, as well as Dynamic Stabilisation and Power Stabilisation. Of these, Power Stabilisation works extremely well, so much so that I was able to record a reasonable stable timelapse video whilst holding the camera for a few minutes. It is a little shaky when you are walking with the camera, but holding the camera steady it can look like it has been shot on a tripod, and it is smoother when used in tandem with a shoulder rig.

The Dyanmic Stabilisation is even more powerful, however this can only be used in the 1080 mode and not 4K. This type of stabilisation also crops the image frame, and uses the area that has been removed to act as a buffer to counter any more severe movements. When in this mode, with Power Stabilisation also switched on, even when you are walking it is possible to shoot very smooth footage that looks almost as good as using a dolly. There is a slight bump on each footstep, but with careful holding and a light step the footage is impressively smooth.

One thing to note is that the Power Stabilisation does have the tendency to create a floaty effect, so, as recommended in the XC10 manual, it is best not to use it when panning as there won’t be a hard stop at the end of the pan, and it can create a slight bounce.

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