Check out the stunning drone video competition winners and be inspired

Drone filmmaking can produce some really beautiful work allowing us to see the world from a different perspective.

Sinippets of this breath-taking work can be seen in the winners of DJI’s 2017 SkyPixel Video Contest, which have just been announced.

Skypixel is the world’s biggest drone photo and video sharing platform run by DJI.

DJI vice president of marketing Danny Zheng said: “The amazing footage we’ve received throughout this contest reflects the growing interest around aerial videography and the creativity made possible with drone technology.

“This new art form really allows us to gain new perspectives and discover places that are otherwise out of reach.”

The Grand Prize went to xiaoxiao with the ‘EPIC OF TANNA’ showcasing stunning views of volcanos in the South Pacific island of Tanna, Vanuatu.

They receive an Inspire 2 Premium Combo alongside a number of prizes from Nixon, Oakley and Tourism Australia.

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Over 3,000 entries from 100 countries were narrowed down to just 20 winners in categories of Nature, City, Sport and People’s Choice.

Vadim Sherbakov won the prize in the Nature category with Icarus, which hovers over the Isle of Skye.

He filmed the footage on a DJI Phantom 3 Pro with Polar Pro ND filters before editing it on Adobe Premiere.

You can see his video below.

Cape Town was the winning subject in the City category with Luke Bel’s The City of Cape Town looking over the different parts of the South African city. Watch his video below.

Check out all of the winning videos on the website to see the amazing footage you can film with drones.

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