With season seven behind us, we take a look at one of the hardest scenes to shoot this series.

In the season finale, there were many things for executive producer and writer duo David Benioff and D. B. Weiss to contend with – but the hardest shot might not be the one you think.

After seven seasons of waiting fans were finally rewarded with one of the most iconic Game of Thrones moments to date as almost all of the main characters faced off in the Dragon Pits of Kings Landing.

But even in a show where the directors regularly contend with filming dragons and White Walkers, Weiss revealed this was actually one of the most difficult moments to shoot.

He said: “We were in that dragon pit for many, many days. It’s a deceptively difficult thing to shoot because there’s so many different moments between different people and they need to be shot that way.

“Otherwise it doesn’t feel like anybody’s looking at the person they’re supposed to be looking at or playing off the person they’re supposed to be playing off.”

Check out the HBO ‘Inside the Episode’ video above for more on the anatomy of the scene.

It was far from the only challenge the crew faced in the final episode as we first caught a glimpse of the undead dragon, Viserion, in action.

At the end of the episode we see Daenerys Targaryen’s recently killed dragon destroying the wall in an epic special effects sequence.

Benioff said: “For many years now we have known this would be the ending of the penultimate season.”

“We write ‘and then the wall comes tumbling down’ and that’s really easy to type those words and it’s really hard for them to make it look good.”

Look good it certainly did in the final show stopping moments of season seven.

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The show is rumoured to return to our television sets in 2019.