We asked Matt from MPB.com about how to get started in video, using second-hand and stills gear

Outside of the professional market, today’s world has seen the lines between video and stills cameras pretty much totally blur – with people making stills camera choices that take into account video capabilities, and vice versa.

Most manufacturers now build the capabilities of both spheres into their kit, with companies like Sony and Canon leading the charge – while Canon do keep themselves a series of cine-cameras and lenses, it was its EOS 5D Mark II way back in 2008 that first brought pro-quality video to DSLRs.

Matt from MPB says there’s no real leader in the video market for what the enthusiast market is shooting on – so there’s chance for innovation from all sides.

Check out our video to see what Matt had to say – and to visit the site to see what kinds of deals are available today, visit www.mpb.com!