Footage shows the damage of boats in Nanny Cay after Irma battered the British Virgin Islands


After the winds have died down and the debris has settled, for many now is the time to rebuild after Hurricane Irma stormed its way across the Caribbean and South-East of America. One YouTube account, Bored At Work, took to the skies to film the aftermath of the devastation that Irma had produced.

The video shows Nanny Cay on the British Virgin Islands and what remains of the port there. With boats and yachts strewn across the water and land, the drone gives an eye-opening account in perfect clarity.

Not only does the footage leave you taken aback by all the damage but the clarity of the footage shows how real the Hurricane’s effect has been on this part of the world.

While drones are fast becoming a tool that aid in the creation of fun and engaging films, they can also be used to showcase the scale of disaster and catastrophe in a way that few other filming tools can.

This footage was quite clearly produced after the hurricane had hit the island but for other filmmakers the post-storm destruction is not enough.

A fellow YouTuber, Red Pill Philosophy, decided to try and fly his drone in the midst of the storm.

While the drone doesn’t venture too far from home, it still holds up pretty well in what are some intense flying conditions. We would suggest that you don’t try and copy this but it does show any potential storm-chasers that their drone could handle a bit more turbulence than you give them credit for.

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