Having a Netflix series to your name is a much more sought after deal these days, but what do you need before you start?

Whether you’re getting your big break into the world of filming or are a seasoned DP, getting a Netflix credit under your belt is becoming a much more sought after affair. However, while Netflix are a huge name in video production, having backed films and ‘Netflix specials’, they are still a relatively viable way for people to get their names into the business.

So you’re set with your story, you’ve got the locations mapped out and your crew is ready to go but have you got the right equipment? Filming for Netflix comes with some equipment requirements so we’ve broken down what you’ll need to get your very own series.

Netflix camera requirements

A 4K camera is a must, the American company requires your camera to house a true 4K sensor or something that is equivalent or greater to 4096 photosites wide. In other words, if you’re looking to create a handheld HD horror you’ll want to upgrade that camcorder you found in the attic.

Credit: Netflix

Note: Netflix’s requirement of a camera that is equivalent to 4096 photosites wide ranges beyond this pre-approved list so don’t worry if your equipment doesn’t register on here.

That’s not the only shooting requirement with Netflix originals needing to be shot in RAW or Log colour space (S-Log3, V-Log, CanonLog3 and so on). No colour corrections should be baked into the original files and material should keep all the juicy metadata like timecode and framerates.

When shooting, Netflix require you to produce a bitrate of 240mbps, at 24FPS. When shooting in 4K this is pretty par for the course but nevertheless is a box that needs to be ticked.

Secondary cameras like a drone or POV camera, need to be approved by Netflix before being used. This includes shooting test footage to be provided to dailies and post-production units to ensure they can work with the primary camera.

Netflix enforce these rules to “future-proof” their content. With the increasing pace of improvements in consumer technology, it’s imperative to stay ahead of the curve and with the advent of 4K TVs round the corner Netflix are ensuring their content matures like a fine wine.

For more information, check out Netflix’s partnership website.