Latest high-speed offering from Vision Research is great for videographers looking to tackle high intensity shooting


When filming at 4K you may find that sometimes your footage doesn’t come out as smoothly as you’d like. A lack of frames per second can sometimes be the difference between your 4K video looking great and looking like some smartphone footage.

With Vision Research’s latest offering it’s safe to say that you won’t have that problem with the new VEO4K-PL shooting 4K resolution at 1000fps. The mega amount of frames per second were purposely built into the camera to help it tackle high intensity shooting for, as the firm claim, “scientific research, defence and media applications” giving it cross-industry approved capabilities.

A previous camera, the Flex4K-GS, was a big favourite for Phantom cameras users, particularly for it quality visual aspects but an obvious complaint for many was its large bulky size. The new VEO4K has looked to tackle that issue by using a similar 35mm 9.4 Megapixel sensor design but coupling it with a smaller body as seen on their VEO model.

Complete with HDMI and 3G-SDI, this machine does away with PAL and NTSC junctions giving it a more universal feel. The 10GB ethernet option also enables the user to have a fast and efficient work flow, so Vision Research claim.

Two models have been produced by the high-end digital camera company with housing 36GB and 72GB of RAM respectively, making them incredibly efficient if company claims are to be believed.

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