The plug-in has been released by software company Cyberlink

A new virtual reality video stabilisation plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects has been released.

Designed by Taiwanese software company Cyberlink, the CyberLink VR Stabilizer allows users to edit virtual reality video in Adobe software.

The main feature of the new plug-in is to stabilise shaky videos, which can be a by-product of filming with 360-degree cameras. 

Cyberlink claims that users can edit the footage using two sliders, which makes the software easy to use. Credit: Cyberlink

Chairman and CEO of CyberLink Dr. Jau Huang said: “With the cost of VR headsets rapidly decreasing, more creative professionals are considering 360-degree videos and VR as a medium to share their stories.

“We want to bring CyberLink’s intuitive editing experience to these professional creators so they can seamlessly take their audiences on new immersive adventures without having to break the bank.”

Designed for usability, the company claims that users can edit the 360-degree footage using two simple sliders.

The add-on integrates into Windows versions of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 and newer and Adobe After Effects CC 2017 and newer. Credit: Cyberlink

Over the past few years virtual reality filmmaking has been steadily gaining influence with the medium recognised with its first Oscar® earlier in 2017.

This comes alongside the growth of 360-degree cameras on the market, like the Samsung 360 Round, the GoPro Fusion and Acer’s Holo360, which were all announced in 2017.

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The CyberLink VR Stabilizer plug-in is compatible with Windows versions of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 and newer alongside Adobe After Effects CC 2017 and newer.

The editing software is available now for £169.99 and can be purchased from the CyberLink online store and on the Adobe Exchange. Users can trial the software before they purchase it.

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