Chad Gordon Higgins shows off just how much kit can go into a great timelapse. Prepare for some gear envy


As much as we love timelapse, you can probably agree that it does sometimes get a little samey. Clouds. Rivers. Sunsets. Cars. When it’s well-executed it’s always a blast, but at the same time we appreciate seeing something different.

That’s why we absolutely love this video by Chad Gordon Higgins, who for his timelapse showreel of  2015 decided to do something a little different and show off the many (many, many) rigs and setups he uses for his timelapse work.

How much kit is that? Well, it’s a lot. About 1300 kg (yep, kilograms) to be specific. Filming at the Broadway Tower in Worcestershire, Chad planned a series of shots that would show off the complex series of rigs he uses for his timelapses, one after the other, and once he’d combined the lot together in Adobe Premiere Pro the result was an amazing video that show the level of technical detail that goes into making a great timelapse.

Chad put together a blog post about the experience, which you can read here
In it he has very thoughtfully provided a kit-list breakdown of each shot, which you can read and drool over below:

1) Static opening shot
Canon 5D II, Sigma 12-24mm, 3 Legged Thing Tripod, Intervalometer

2) Rotary Arm (Self Built)
Canon 5D II, Samyang 14mm, Rotary Arm, 2x Dynamic Perception Stage R, NMX Controller, 2x 27:1 Stepper Motor

3) Contrazoom
Canon 5D II, Canon 16mm, Dynamic Perception Stage 1 Plus, Zenslider Focus, Zenslider Zoom, 15 metres of Track, NMX Controller and 19:1 Stepper Motor

4) Standard track
Canon 6D, Canon 24-105mm, Dynamic Perception Stage 0, Emotimo TB3 Black

5) Long Track
Canon 5D III, Dynamic Perception Stage 1 Plus, 3x 19:1 Stepper motors, NMX, 15 Metres of track, Ditogear Omnislider + Bitbanger Pixelstick, 1x Magic Arm

6) The Windmill (Self Built)
Canon 5D III, Canon 17-40mm, Dynamic Perception Stage R, NMX + Windmill Rig

7) Inclined Track
Canon 5D II, Samyang 14mm, Dynamic Perception Stage 0 + NMX Controller, Manfrotto Tripod

8) The Beast
Canon 5D III, Samyang 14mm, ABC Speedy 100 Crane, ‘Crane Contraption’, 1rpm motor, Dynamic
Perception MX3 Controller.

9) The End Shot
Canon 5D III, Sigma 12-24mm, 3 Legged Thing ‘Nigel’, Triggertrap Intervalometer app + Cable

Well, time to start saving.

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