The Video Mode spoke to the founder of a new independent filmmaking platform to see how you can get involved

MODYST Film Network is a film sharing platform launched in the north of England, which hopes to help independent filmmakers get a foot on the ladder.

The start-up was founded as part of Northern Bear Films by Jerome Vyland and Aman Sharma as a viewing platform with one major difference – filmmakers can submit their independent films directly to them.

The Video Mode caught up with Mr Vyland to see how the platform works and what independent filmmakers can do to get involved.

He said: “Having worked in the film industry ourselves we have first hand experience of the struggles independent filmmakers have to go through to get their films distributed.

“Even if they are lucky enough to get distribution they hardly make any profit as most of it goes to the middle men, i.e. distributors and sales agents.”

He added that the complexity of the film distribution chain can often leave filmmakers out of pocket.

“The majority of the indie filmmakers have a limited window, even if they get distribution deal they do not see their money back,” Mr Vyland said.

“It also limits the life span of a film, and that’s why we’re driven to disrupt the film industry, by giving them the right tools and technology to overcome these challenges.”

The pair are aiming to achieve this laudable aim through their website, which they started in August 2016, where filmmakers can monetise their projects by self-distributing their work.

Filmmakers can submit short-films for £16, features for £35 and web-series pilots for £25 here, following the steps and provided that the submitter holds all copyrights of the film.

Over 230 films have been broadcast on the website since it’s founding in August 2016, but they are now looking to build upon that by employing five new staff and increasing marketing.

They’ve had 48 investors so far on their Crowdcube with Sunderland City Council pledging to match their funding.

So can they match other on-demand platforms as well as traditional distribution methods like cinema?

Mr Vyland stayed diplomatic on this point and said: “Our plan is to compliment the cinema releases rather than make them compete with each other.

“For the time being cinema would still be a big market, but we see a crossover that could bring the cinema experience through on-demand.”

To find out more visit the MODYST website and support them through their CrowdCube account.