Now funding on Kickstarter, this new video travel tripod from Aviator Camera Gear is stable and durable while folding down compact enough to fit into hand luggage

When the moment comes that you finally pack in your job and jet off to shoot video in exotic locations around the world (any day now!) you can now be sure you’ll have a support that’s up to the challenge.

The Aviator Camera Gear International is a travel tripod for video urrently funding on Kickstarter. Specially designed for filmmakers, it’s a carbon fibre unit that weighs just 1.8kg and folds down to 51cm, making it ideal for fitting into hand luggage and carrying wherever you go.


When fully extended it’s a full-size tripod, extending to a maximum of 170cm and strong enough even to take hefty pro-standard cameras.

Its leg angle locks at more than 20 different positions, including 90°, and all leg stages feature custom-designed aluminum twist locks with diamond knurling for durable and long-lasting support.

It also boasts an innovative “SWAP” head system featuring universal quick release plates, allowing for swift changes of head for different situations. The unit is compatible with the industry standard 75mm bowl mount, meaning any heads you already own will likely work just fine, however there’s also an adapter plate for ⅜” heads.

Aviator Camera Gear International video travel tripod

The system is also compatible with Arca-Swiss, and has been designed so that it won’t block the battery doors of even smaller cameras like the Panasonic Lumix LX100.

If you’re fast, you can still get hold of one of the units for the early bird backer price of $729, but these rewards are limited and it’s first come first serve.

See more at the International’s Kickstarter page