“The whole thing is shot on the back of the Toyota Prius”, says visionary director Mateo St. Portugal on his latest creation, shot with the rear camera of a Toyota Prius

The world of filmmaking is no stranger to weirdness and experimentation, from small-budget amateur productions to big studio endeavours. It’s not been long since we shared the story of the John Malkovich film that’s going to be locked in a vault for 100 years before anyone sees it.

Yes, as much as we hate to admit it, the world of filmmaking suffers from its share of pretension. That’s what is skewered so perfectly in this video by YouTube group Mommy Comedy, who present a fictitious behind-the-scenes featurette on the first film to be shot on the rear camera of a Toyota Prius.

The film was written by Ryan Kelly and Andrew Heder, the latter of whom also plays the director of the fictional film, one “Mateo St. Portugal”, who progressively acquires more and more scarves throughout the six-minute runtime.

“It is the only camera capable of running you over”

Mateo St. Portugal

Click to watch the video above – it’s worth it if you need a laugh to get you through January!

Though no one has quite gone as far as a Prius just yet, there have been plenty of film in recent years shot entirely on devices that you might not expect. You may have heard of ‘Tangerine’ from last year’s Sundance Film Festival, a hugely well-received film that was shot entirely on the iPhone 5s!

And in 2013, a director named Aaron Mento even shot a feature on an iPad 2! So next time you laugh at an idiot at a concert holding their iPad over the crowd, just remember – they may actually be a visionary auteur.

Much like the Prius film’s fictional director though, they probably aren’t…