If a head, chest or dog mount just wont cut it, then maybe the SP Gadgets GoPro Mouth Mount is what you need

No, it isn’t April 1st (unless you are reading this on April 1st, in which case I assure this is a real thing). Just when you thought that we had exhausted the ways that GoPro cameras could be mounted on your person, or even a canine friend, SP Gadgets have come up with a new way.


The SP Gadgets Mouth Mount is designed for ‘When you need your hands free’, with surfing featured prominently on their web page images. The device itself looks very well engineered. The mount looks like a gumshield that clasps around the teeth and gums for security, with the GoPro then attached to a protuding mount. Vents at the side of the mount allow you to breathe whilst it is in use. It certainly looks secure, but whether it is comfortable, or will make you dribble unduly is another question.


I can certainly understand the need to keep your hands free when filming certainly activities from a first person view – climbing, surfing and skiing seem like obvious candidates. But it does bode the question, who would opt to use a mouth mount ahead of a head or chest mount?

Still, the device is reasonably priced at €34.90.

We first spotted this device over at the Newsshooter website, so pop over to them and show them some love.