New video steadycam, gimbal and 2x3-axis stabilizer unveiled after crowdfunding campaign

Following a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and Kickstarter the German company LUUV has announced its first-ever products – the solidLUUV steadycam, LUUV Action Gimbal and the ultraLUUV ACTION, which is said to be the ‘world’s first 2×3-axis stabilizer’.

Let’s start off with the solidLUUV – it’s a pro-spec mechanical steadycam that’s designed for action cameras, smartphone, compact and 360-degree cameras weighing up to 500g. Amongst its features is ‘plug and play’ to allow you to get shooting straight away. In addition to that it has an ‘up and down’ ability that basically lets you turn through 180-degrees swiftly if you want to shoot very close to the ground or flip back again to shoot at a higher level/angle.

One-handed operation
The solidLUUV’s technologies also include a separation between the unit and the camera so even if your hands are unsteady the camera (and your footage) shouldn’t be. The waterproof unit is designed to be used one-handed, allowing you to steady yourself if you are moving and shooting ‘run and gun’ style, and is said to be future-proofed for future cameras.

Action Gimbal
The LUUV Action Gimbal is a lightweight, wearable gimbal that’s firmly aimed a GoPro users who want to capture action footage on the go. It’s compatible with the GoPro HERO4, HERO3 and HERO3+ cameras (and other cameras with similar dimensions) and can be attached to a pole, helmet or chest piece depending on what style of footage you want to capture. It can also be attached to a bike, car, a drone or even an animal and starts shooting at the press of a button.

The ultraLUUV system
The the ultraLUUV ACTION system combines the LUUV Action Gimbal with the solidLUUV steadycam – the gimbal sits on top of the steadycam – to offer what LUUV is billing as ‘the world’s first 2×3-axis electro-mechanical stabilizer’. It’s a compact system that is said to deliver cinematic results.

Find out more…
To find out more about the LUUV products just watch an intro film by clicking on the video window at the top of this article. You can find out more about the gear by visiting the LUUV website – to do so just click here. To give you some fabulous ideas for shooting with camera supports flowing why not watch our exclusive tuition video on shooting with tripods by clicking here or to watch our top tips video on creative shooting with a monopod click here.