The new, full frame Sony UMC-S3C, uses the same sensor as the A7S II

It may be primarily aimed at security surveillance, but the new Sony UMC-S3C video camera is going to raise more than a few eyebrows in the filmmaking world. It features a 12-million-pixel full frame sensor with an ISO range of 50-409,600 – exactly the same specification as found in the Sony A7S II. Also like the A7 series camera, it uses Sony’s FE mount. Sony state that it is the smallest full frame E-Mount camera to date.

For a security camera it is certainly at the top of its game, with the ability to capture 4K video footage in XAVC S format with a data rate of 100Mbps. The camera can be controlled via Micro USB with an HDMI port for live view display.

Best of all the camera weights just 400g!

Although Sony are aiming the camera at security, search and rescue and disaster response, there are clearly many applications for the use of such a high specification camera in the filmmaking world. It is easy to imagine the camera attached to a drone, on a car rig, or shooting in a confined space.

UMC-S3C angle left

There is no word on some of the finer points of the UMC-S3C, besides the press release which can be found on the official Sony News blog. We’d like to know whether the camera can record S-Log2/3 footage, and what the quality is like from the HDMI socket for external recording. No doubt these details will become available in time and we’ll update this post as and when they become available.

Sony has previously announced the very similar SNC-VB770, which also appears to use the same full frame sensor found in the A7S II. However at over 700g, the SNC-VB770 is over twice the weight, and looking at the images it also is noticeably larger.

The UK price for the Sony UMC-S3C will be £3,869.97 with it due for release in August.