New model incorporates 4K video with full pixel readout and no pixel binning

Today at the Photokina show in Köln, Germany, Sony marked the 10th anniversary of its Alpha camera range with the launch of the Alpha 99ii flagship camera which has an impressive feature set. This spec includes 12 frames per second shooting, 42.4 megapixels, Hybrid Phase Detection AF with 79 cross focus points + 399 AF focal plane phase detection points, a 5-axis in-body image stabilisation system and 4K video recording with full pixel readout without pixel binning.

For videographers probably the standout feature is the 4K full pixel readout without pixel binning. The 4K video of the camera works in 35mm full-frame mode with a non-cropped full-frame image without teleshift. In Super 35mm mode it is said to collect 1.8x as many pixel as are required for 4K movie shooting and it is in this mode that the full pixel readout without pixel binning operates.


Slow and Quick mode
It records 4K at up to 100Mbp and feature a new ‘Slow and Quick’ mode (S&Q) supports both slow motion and quick motion. Frame rates from 1 fps to 120 fps (100 fps) can be selected in eight steps for up to 60x (50x) quick motion and 5x (4x) slow motion recording.

A number of other features designed for a professional movie production workflow are included such as picture profiles, timecode and HDMI clear output and the new ɑ99ii now also offers gamma assist for real time S-Log monitoring and a zebra mode for easier exposure adjustment.


Dynamic range
S-Log3 and S-Log2 gamma are now included, making wide dynamic range shooting possible with blown highlights or blocked shadows – a factor that could make the ɑ99 II more easy to integrate into fully professional movie production workflows.

The A-mount camera was launched by Sony Europe Vice President Yosuke Aoki and is said to be almost the same size as the Alpha 77. The camera will start to ship in November 2016 and it will run alongside the Alpha 7 II at the top of the company’s Alpha range of cameras.