Sony's new RX0 is sure to make waves in the action camera market

Sony is set to give GoPro a run for its money with the unveiling of its new action camera the RX0.

The compact but powerful camera weighs in at just 110g but can withstand almost any conditions you need it to.

It’s waterproof to depths of up to 10m, shockproof for heights up to 2m and crushproof under a load up to 200kgf/2000N. That’s the same crushing force that would be exerted by the weight of an average male lion, should it sit on the RX0.

The Japanese technology company released some of test footage of the new camera, which can record 4K video with a HDMI output to an external recorder.

Other features include super slow motion with high frame rates up to 960/1000fps.

But Sony is not just delving into the action camera market, it’s also keeping Virtual Reality and 360° trends in mind, something that their Samsung counterparts have been investing in.

The company revealed that several units of the RX0 can be combined to film multi-perspective footage.

Up to fifteen can be controlled using Sony’s wireless radio commander, the FA-WRC1M, while five can be controlled just by your smartphone. Perfect if you want to create a 360 rig or want to shoot the same shot from multiple angles.

The new camera will be released in October and while no UK prices have been released yet, on the US market it will cost approximately $700 USD (£540 GBP).

While the specifications make it as a firm rival for the GoPro, the higher price means that only time will tell how it does in the action camera segment.