Sony's Technical Marketing Manager, Ben Pilling, discusses the future for video at Sony, following its launch of three 4K-equipped cameras

It’s been a busy week for Sony, what with managing the launch of three important new cameras and all.

Last week not only did we see a new entry into the flagship Alpha 7 series of high-resolution CSCs, but also a pair of new compacts.

A superzoom bridge arrived in the form of the RX10 II, and the hugely popular RX100 series got an update in the form of the RX100 IV. (For all the details on all three cameras head here)

Given that all three cameras are extensively geared for videography and able to shoot 4K video, it raises some interesting questions about the future of Sony hardware. What should we expect in terms of photo and video  related products, and what does this mean for the brand’s stills cameras?

With this in mind we sat down with Technical Marketing Manager, Ben Pilling, to find out a little more about what Sony is planning.

He had an interesting take on the issue of the stills/video divide – while the two are indisputably different world, his view was that we’re seeing them converge, with many stills photographers already broadening their skillset by “doubling up”.

We wouldn’t argue – after all we’ve spoken to photographers who’ve done exactly that, such as Luke Massey.

Ben went on to say that Sony, with its history in both photography and videography, has been ideally placed to take advantage of this convergence and bring both formats into one camera, hence the arrivals of video heavyweights like the Alpha 7 R II.

He also talked about the importance of video to the average consumer – that while the era of social media has meant that many people want instantly shareable video, the quality is also important. The Sony cameras have been designed, he says, to stop people looking back on their videos in ten or twenty years’ time and wishing they had recorded them in better quality.

You can watch the highlights of our chat with Ben in the video above. We’re planning to look at the new Sony cameras in much greater detail in the future, so keep checking back with us for more.