We're in the process of testing the Sony Alpha A7R II, but in the meantime here is a sneak peak at some of the incredible 4K video footage the camera is capable of shooting

Our test of the Sony Alpha 7R II is well underway, and we’ve got a small sample video to share with you.


The video was shot in the SLog Picture Profile in the 4K (100Mbps) mode. The lens used was the Zeiss 24-70mm f/4 and all the footage was shot handheld (as you can probably tell). The new 5-axis sensor based image stabilisation does a good job of reducing all but the sharpest movements, so panning and still footage becomes nice and still, or at least a bit floaty. For walking, some additional stabilisation is defintely required, we’re going to be using the Sony Alpha 7R II with a couple of different shoulder rigs during our test, so we’ll report back on how well the stabilisation works with these when we are done.

The Video:

Shot very late one afternoon/early evening, the video is of a deer herd. Although many of the deer cautiosly edged away as we approached to film, a single fawn didn’t budge an inch. It did occur that it may be injured, but it was quite happily munching away, and it did eventually get up and walk away to joing the rest of the herd. However, over the course of about 30 minutes we managed to gain its trust and edge closer and closer to it until we were eventually lying on the grass next to it within arms reach. He was perfectly happy just chewing on the grass in the late afternoon sunshine. It is quite a busy deer park, so my guess is he isn’t too phased by the odd human.

At one point I actually had to edge back a bit as I couldn’t focus due to the minimum focus distance of the lens.

It was quite an amazing experience to be that close.

Keep checking back to see more 4K video footage shot with the Sony A7R II.