New 5-inch HD monitor gives daylight viewing for outdoor use and easy touchscreen operation


If you’re shooting films on location with a DSLR or a mirrorless camera SmallHD may have a great viewing solution with the newly unveiled 5-inch Focus HD video monitor that boasts simple touchscreen operation.

Clearly aimed for use with smaller cameras – from companies such as Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and Sony – the new Focus monitor has an 800-nit display and is said to be “daylight-viewable”, sharp enough to achieve critical focus and bright enough to be used for outdoor shoots.

Mount and flip
The small Focus unit mounts to the top of cameras via their hotshoes and has a tilt mount/arm that helps to flip the screen 180°, for either the on-screen ‘talent’ or the videographer to swiftly check the shot. This could also prove a to be a boon to vloggers who want to film themselves on location. An extra shoe mount is included on the side of the tilt mount/arm of the monitor for attaching accessories such as microphones and video lights, whilst clips help to keep any cables tangle-free.

Touchscreen operability
The Focus unit mirrors the menus of SmallHD’s higher spec monitors and you can activate tools such as a Waveform, Focus Assist features or Pixel Zoom via a simple swipe or touch of the screen.

Battery options
With a centre-mounted Sony L-series battery on its rear the Focus monitor can power small format cameras like the Sony Alpha series with its auxiliary power out and camera specific battery adapter cables. This ‘battery eliminator’ set-up means you should get between two and three times the normal battery life of your camera – SmallHD estimates you’ll get around 2.5 hours of power with a Sony a7-series model – and you’ll have fewer batteries to carry.

Micro HDMI
The Focus monitor is equipped with micro HDMI input (which seems fair enough given the cameras the monitor is aimed at), an SD card slot for loading 3D LUTs, and SmallHD’s professional suite of software tools.

Availability & price
According to SmallHD the Focus monitor will begin shipping in early June 2017 but the company may try and ship a little earlier if possible. Its stated US price is under $500 but as yet we have no confirmed price for the UK or European markets.

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