Optical expert takes the wraps off line-up of eight cine lenses designed to operate with the latest high-resolution digital cinema cameras


Long known for its range of photographic lenses produced with multiple lens mount compatibility for major camera brands, Sigma has revealed it will take the leap into the cinema lens world with news of eight new lenses will be launched towards the end of 2016 and during 2017.

Said to have been produced in order to operate with the latest high-resolution digital cinema cameras the first two cine lenses from Sigma will be zooms – the wide-angle 18-35mm T2 and the 50-100mm T2 – which offer a constant T2 aperture throughout their zoom ranges. Both of these optics will initially be available in either Canon EF mount or Sony E mount versions with the ‘industry standard’ PL mount versions due later on.

Due to their constant fast apertures Sigma has dubbed the first two zooms “High Speed” and claims that the optical performance of the lenses is “ready for high resolution shooting such as 6K to 8K”. However they are compatible with Super 35mm sensors so, in theory, that would restrict them to around 5K with the current generation Dragon sensor from RED but may allow them to be future-proofed for sensors that will handle 6K to 8K resolution.

Full-frame zoom
Following the debut of that zoom duo Sigma also has plans to introduce six other lenses – a 24-35mm T2 FF zoom and five primes. The 24-25mm has the ‘FF’ designation as it is compatible with a full-frame image circle – this should enable it to be used effectively with the larger sensors seen on some of the new digital cinema cameras on the market. It will be compatible only with Canon EF and Sony E mounts but not with the PL mount.

18-35mm T2

Prime lens line-up
The five prime lenses that are due to launch during 2017 and are the 20mm T1.5 FF, the 24mm T1.5 FF, the 35mm T1.5 FF, the 50mm T1.5 FF and the 85mm T1.5 FF. As you can see this quintet also boasts the “FF’ full-frame designation for working with larger sensor cameras and all have a super fast T1.5 aperture. They are said to be compact in design and will be available in Canon EF mount and Sony E mount with the prospect of PL mount versions yet to be confirmed by Sigma.

Whilst the lenses are clearly aimed at the pro filmmaking market the leap into the cine lens market is an interesting move by Sigma and could open up more shooting possibilities for digital filmmakers.

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