The new Sigma mount adapter allows Sigma Canon EF mount lenses to be used on Sony E mount cameras, including the A7 series cameras

It look’s like Metabones may have some serious competition on its hands, which is great news for photographers and videographers. The new Sigma MC-11 Mount adapter allows Sigma EF mount lenses to be used on Sony E Mount cameras, such as the Sony A7R II, A7S II and A6300.

The adapter allows for electronic information to communicated between the camera and lens, which allows for EXIF data to be transferred, and for full aperture control from the camera. Not only this, but like the Metabones adapters, full autofocus can be achieved. With Sigma obviously knowing exactly how the AF motors of its lenses work, they promise that Fast Hybrid AF and AF-S mode working quickly and smoothly. Cameras that use contrast detection AF will be able to have ‘high preciscion autofocusing’ when used with Sigma EF mount lenses and the adapter.

Built-in to the lens itself are a series of LED lenses that quickly tell you whether the attached lens that is being used is compatible with the mount adapter, or not. It will also indicate if the lens or convertor firmware needs to be updated to be able to fully operate the Sigma lens that is mounted.

All of the data required to operate the Sigma lenses is built-in to the mount adapter, and not only will it allow for the electronic functions of the lens, but it will also contain the lens correction data to allow for the cameras automatic distorition, chromatic aberration and vignetting controls to be automatically applied.

Those with the current series of Sony A7 cameras will be able to take advantage of both any lens based image stabilisation, and the in-camera stabilisation.

There is no indication of whether the adapter will work with Canon EF mount lenses. In theory it is obviously possible, but given the adapter detects the lens that is attached, and whether it can be used, it may prevent any non-Sigma lenses from being used.  We have asked Sigma and are awaiting confirmation for exactly what will happening if a Canon (or otehr third-party) lens is mounted. It may be that aperture control and stabilisation will work, but AF may not. We will let you know as soon as we do.

The good news is that nearly all the current Sigma lens line-up is compatible, meaning videographers will be able to mount the range of excellent Sigma Art lenses. Some of the lenses will require a firmware update via the Sigma USB Dock.

There is also a MC-11 mount adapter that will work with Sigma SA mount lenses. There is no word on whether any other mounts are planned. Nikon is a far harder mount to develop such an adapter, so it is unlikely that this will be released anytime soon. Again, we have asked Sigma about the possibility and will let you know.

We think that the adapter is a great move by Sigma. The Sony E mount system is growing stronger and stronger, and it is popular amongst photographers and videographers alike. And in teh last few years, Sigma’s new range of lenses has received excellent reviews, and the Art lenses are used by videographers wanting quality at a price more affordable that the equivalent Zeiss lenses. Whilst the Metabones adapters work well, their availibility, need for regular firmware updates and lack of endorsement has meant that some people are still unconvinced. The Sigma adapter could solve many of those problems.

The release date is still to be announced, but the street price is expected to be around £179.99