Kenro announces seven Sevenoak sliders to aid smooth horizontal shooting

To help filmmakers to ensure smooth footage when tracking horizontally across a scene Kenro has added seven new sliders to its Sevenoak range. Three of the sliders are designed for use with smaller cameras, three are for heavy-duty rig use and the final piece is a dolly/slider dual-purpose unit.

Previously the domain of the high-end movie industry a camera slider allows for very professional-looking image capture by allowing smooth and stable horizontal camera movement. This is a useful effect that adds movement, impact and a ‘polished’ look to your movie productions.

Compact models
The three ‘Compact’ Sevenoak camera sliders – the SKLS60, SKLS85 and SKLS120 – are designed to help you create good quality production shots on a budget. They all feature a guide rail that’s constructed of heavy-duty, anodised aluminium for vibration-free, quiet panning for your camera/rig.

Each slider has a built-in spirit level for ease of levelling up and tension adjustment. The sliders can be attached to a tripod, or used alone, and are compatible with most camera and video heads. They are designed for use with DSLR cameras or camcorders and all have foldable, adjustable feet.

The SKLS60 is 60cms long and takes a maximum load of 10kgs (SRP is £101.94 inc. VAT); the SKLS85 is 85cms long and maximum load is 7kgs (SRP is £122.34 inc. VAT) and the SKLS120 is 120cms long and has a max. load of 5kgs (SRP is £142.74 inc. VAT).

Heavy rig use
For those likely to be shooting with heavier rigs the ‘Heavy Duty’ Sevenoak Camera Slider range is more robust. These sliders are made of heavy duty aluminium and feature precision bearings for smooth, quiet action. They can either be used standalone or across two tripods, and are compatible with most camera and tripod heads.

The ‘Heavy Duty’ SKHD75 is 75cms long and its maximum load is 15kgs (SRP is £161.94 inc. VAT); the SKHD100 is 100cms long and has a maximum load of 12kgs (SRP is £203.94 including VAT) and the SKHD120 is 120cms long and takes a max. load of 10kgs (SRP is £275.94 inc. VAT).

Combination dolly/slider
The SKDS60 Sevenoak Dolly Slider features four smooth-action wheels on a 60cm slider. It has built-in adjustable folding feet and can be used as a dolly (when the whole unit moves on wheels) or a slider (when the camera moves along the slider rail), or you can use the combined features to create your footage. It features a heavy-duty anodised aluminium construction, a smooth guide rail with bearings, built-in spirit level and tension adjustment and adjustable axles. It can be used on a flat surface or mounted to a tripod and takes a maximum load of 5kgs (SRP is £122.32 inc. VAT).

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