Trio of camera support systems offers creative options for filmmakers

Kenro has announced three new steady Sevenoak camera support systems for filmmakers in the shape of an Electronic Motorised Pan Head, a Carbon Fibre Jib Arm and a pro-spec Motorised Follow Focus unit.

The new Electronic Motorised Pan Head (SKECH03) is designed for use with jib arms, tripods or sliders and can support cameras up to 5kgs in weight – it is said to be compatible with most current DSLR cameras and camcorders.

The pan head unit comes with a variable speed joystick controller to aid smooth, continuous 360 degrees movement on pan and tilt controls. There is also a variable speed remote control pan and tilt mechanism, allowing you to control dynamic speeds or slower pans and tilts in the field.

Made of durable high-grade metal, the SKECH03 Pan Head is supplied with a six metre cable, a fitted carry case, and operates from 100-240V AC mains with a 12V DC adapter. The SRP for the unit is £327.54 (inc. VAT).

Jib arm crane system
The hand-operated Sevenoak Carbon Fibre Jib Arm (SKJA20) is a tripod-mounted camera crane system that’s designed to allow camera operators to smoothly boom a camera up and down or move in 360-degree arcs. Great for adding a real professional look to your footage, the jib arm is ideal for keen amateur filmmakers, documentary producers, wedding photographers, music video producers and others.

The jib is made from lightweight carbon fibre, weighs 2.3kgs, has a maximum length of 2.39 metres, a maximum load capacity of 5kgs and offers a maximum working radius of 1.12 metres, with a minimum radius of 0.49 metres. The SRP is £311.94 (inc. VAT).

Motorised follow focus rig
For pro filmmakers the Sevenoak Motorised Follow Focus Rig with Memory (SKMHF04, pictured above) is a shoulder-mounted camera and accessories support system that allows filmmakers to pull focus and steady their cameras whilst on the move. Two independent operating systems on the hand grips allow for control of zoom and focus and users can store up to four focus points.

With a moveable and height-adjustable base plate, the unit allows for switching cameras without dismantling the system. A shoulder pad helps to provide a stable platform for any prolonged usage. The SKMHF04 uses industry-standard type 18650 3.7V lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and the unit’s SRP is £4455.94 (inc. VAT).

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