Sony promises improved footage quality with the launch of its new flagship model


Sony’s main promise with the introduction of its new flagship CineAlta 6K VENICE is what every filmmaker wants: improved picture quality.

The cinema camera, which was teased at Cinegear 2017, has just been launched at Pinewood Studios UK and across the pond in Hollywood. The model is trying to pave its way in a crowded industry segment with the introduction of a full sensor and 6K quality.

Sony claims that the 36mm x 24mm sensor, which is bigger than a lot of the other cinema cameras on the market, will offer 6K quality (6048 x 4032 if you’re technical). This should result in – quite simply – great quality footage with more natural looking skin colours and expressive dark areas.

Videographers can also switch between Anamorphic and Spherical Super 35mm lenses. However, while this is billed as a 6K camera, switching between these lenses will mean you lose the 6K quality as you are only using a section of the sensor.

CineAlta 6K VENICE

Credit: Sony

Sony has also done some work to make your life easier in post-production with a new colour management system and a wider colour gamut to improve image editing. This should mean you can capture every variation of green in a blade of grass – lucky you.

The built-in 8-stage glass ND filter system is another claimed industry first by the company to let you switch from 0.3 up to 2.4. This will help give you more shooting freedom in a wider range of exposures and is a request from cinematographers to make switching between them quicker and more efficient.

Other features promised by the technology company include a new portable design, weather-proofing features and a PL mount to allow PL lenses to work automatically.

The CineAlta 6K VENICE will be available from February 2018 at selected UK retailers. Pricing, availability and add-on options have not yet been announced but for more information check out the Sony website.