MixMic SRH5M kit aims to provide pro-style audio options to DSLR set-ups


Kenro has announced the immediate availability of a new audio adapter and microphone kit from Saramonic – the MixMic SRH5M – that has been designed to help you to get the best possible sound quality from your DSLR camera when shooting video.

The kit, which should retail in the UK at around £312, includes the SRNV5 shotgun microphone with a deadcat shield, two pro-standard XLR inputs with phantom power, an XLR audio cable and an audio adapter that mounts on the top of your camera. The adapter is powered by a standard 9V battery and allows you to connect your camera to the included shotgun microphone and/or other professional-level microphones, mixing consoles and sound studios.

The dual XLR terminals provide separate volume controls for each of the two channels as well as gain setting and wind noise reduction. The mic/line input switching assists you in capturing detailed recording levels and for control of low frequency sound.

Ease-of-use features
For ease-of-use in the field the stand-out feature is probably the fact that, unlike some similar DSLR-compatible adapters, this adapter mounts to the top of your camera rather than the bottom. Other notable features include a raised side mounting of XLR socket 1 for easy identification in low light situations when the socket can be found simply by feel, a second ‘cold shoe’ on the top and a mic management cable holder on the bottom of the unit that’s designed to prevent any problems with loose cables. If only one microphone is being used on-camera, the second cold shoe could be used to mount a wireless receiver for a radio mic.

On the audio technical side of things the Saramonic MixMic SRH5M’s frequency response is said to be 20Hz to 20kHz +/- 0.5dB, THD is less than 0.01 kHz -30dBu input and SNR is 80dB @ 1kHz -30 dBu input. The XLR adapter weighs in at 167g while the included microphone weighs just 60g.

Find out more…
For further details about the new MixMic kit and other Saramonic audio products just visit the Kenro website by clicking here. To download a free The Video Mode supplement about mastering video with your DSLR, which includes a feature on how to record better audio, just click here. You can also watch our special tuition video on the basics of recording audio for shooting video by clicking here.