New XEEN 135mm T2.2 cine optic bolsters line-up to six lenses


If you’re considering shooting 4K+ footage for video or cinema the new XEEN 135mm T2.2 cine lens from Samyang Optics may be of interest. Like all of its stablemates the new optic comes in a choice of five different mounts – the widely used ‘cinema standard’ PL mount, Canon’s EF mount, Nikon’s F mount, the Sony E mount and the MFT (Micro Four Thirds) mount – thus offering compatibility with a wide variety of cameras.

The 135mm T2.2 joins the range as the first telephoto member of the family and brings the total range of XEEN lenses up to six models. The other current XEEN prime cine lenses are the 14mm T3.1, the 24mm T1.5, the 35mm T1.5, the 50mm T1.5 and the 85mm T1.5.

The new XEEN 135mm adds a telephoto angle to the existing XEEN set and the lens’ T2.2 aperture is said to offer bright, “high quality footage with clear contrast and impressive colours, even under less-than-optimal lighting conditions”. The large aperture is also said to create, “a pleasing bokeh effect for a cinematic look”, probably helped by the fact that the lens features an 11-blade aperture.

All of the XEEN lenses are said to offer “outstanding image quality for 4K+ production for filming video and cinema”. The 24x36mm negative size allows all of the XEEN lenses to not only work with full frame cameras, but also with Super 35, APS-C and APS-H format cameras. The lenses also have two different calibrated focus scales, in metric and imperial units, and have declicked gear rings for follow focus purposes.

Said “to deliver infinite possibilities” the XEEN 135mm T2.2 lens will become available worldwide during August 2016. You can find out more about the XEEN lens range, its capabilities and what filmmakers have to say about using it by clicking here.

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