New wide-angle 16mm T2.6 prime lens brings VDSLR range up to 13 optics


Samyang Optics has announced a new ‘VDSLR’ 16mm T2.6 lens that has been designed specifically for video shooting, with uncoupled gear rings with T numbers, and is aimed firmly at DSLR videographers.

Inheriting the “renowned image quality” of Samyang’s wide-angle lenses, the company has said that the new 16mm T2.6 completes the VDSLR cine lens line-up. Such an angle-of-view is commonly used by many directors of photography around the world for its versatile usage for wide-angle, emotional scenes in film and videos. Along with the existing 14mm, 20mm and 24mm wide-angle lenses this new 16mm lens should help filmmakers to realise the required delicate changes in such scenes.

DSLR and mirrorless options
The launch of the 16mm optic adds one more VDSLR cine lens to the existing 12 lenses for DSLR cameras in a range that was launched back in 2012. As a result of this new launch Samyang now offers a total of 19 video lenses: 13 are for use with DSLR cameras and six are for shooting with mirrorless cameras.

Price and availability
Samyang has said that the UK suggested retail price for the new 16mm optic will be £529 (including VAT) and it is likely to become available during June 2017.

Full lens line-up
The full line-up of Samyang VDSLR cine Lenses for full-frame sensors ranges from an 8mm fisheye right through to a 135mm telephoto lens, whilst for DSLR Cameras with APS-C sensor sizes the lenses range from the 8mm to a 50mm lens.

In total Samyang now offers 51 lenses: two premium XP photo lenses, two autofocus lenses, 19 manual focus photo lenses, 19 cine lenses and nine professional video-cine lenses that are marketed under the XEEN brand.

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