Shooting with your smartphone has never been simpler and the Note 8's new dual camera system brings it in line with the likes of the Apple 7 Plus

After the Samsung’s faulty battery fiasco with the Galaxy Note 7, it was imperative that the Note 8 brings the range back in line with its competitors, and they’ve done just that.

Much like the iPhone 7 Plus and the rumoured iPhone 8, the Note 8 has implemented a dual camera system. The way this works, as the name suggests, is by having two cameras working simultaneously when taking pictures.

One takes a picture much like any standard camera, inputting colour, objects and spacing. This coincides with a second camera that has a slightly different sensor, capturing elements the first camera will have missed while adding a great depth of field.

The two resulting images are combined to create an image that has much greater detail and is richer for it.

Using a dual camera system allows the phone to have two different lenses giving the phone a great level of versatility. Equipped with a standard F2.4 telephoto lens that has a narrower angle of view giving it a much longer focal length is great for portraits and product shots. The second F1.7 wide angle lens has a much shorter focal length making it perfect for landscapes.

With both a 2X and 10X digital zooming capabilities, the Note 8 promises a wide range of zoom for videographers but previous optical zooming qualities have noticed a loss in quality. However, Samsung have claimed that their technology allows the phone to make the subject appear closer “without enlarging any portion of them in the way that digital zoom does.”

For stills, the camera’s Live Focus tool is a great way to adjust your images focus with a bokeh effect. Because of the dual cameras, the Note 8 can easily move between a long and short focal length in post allowing you to adjust the intensity of the bokeh.

With a price of £869, you will be forgiven for thinking twice about buying it but with a revolutionary new camera set up for Samsung, the Note 8 is worth considering when filming with a handheld.

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