Rotolight's new LED light helps to make your camera even more multi-purpose


Videographers are the Swiss army knives of the filmmaking business, required to film, light sets and adjust sound.

Rotolight is aiming to make that a little bit easier with the introduction of the new NEO 2, which provides a solution for on-camera continuous LED light.

They’ve even updated their CineSFX™ lighting effects suite to allow you to channel your inner SFX technician while filming.

What is CineSFX™?

This is a suite that allows you to create on-set effects, including fire, lightning, TV, gunshot and paparazzi effects all through the small light on the camera.

Professional’s such as lighting expert Stefan Lange, who has worked as a visual effects technician in everything from James Bond’s Spectre to Notting Hill, have harboured a fondness for the creative suite.

Lange said: “The CineSFX™ mode that’s built into the Rotolight NEO is an advantage to any production.

“It’s fast — it doesn’t matter if it’s a feature, a drama or a documentary, its always going to come out and fill that little effect. There isn’t a job I wouldn’t take it on.”

“Having that flexibility to change my colour temp so easily gives me creative control.”

Expert videographer Simeon Quarrie, whom we’ve chatted to before about his top tips for lighting, is also a fan.

“Having that flexibility to change my colour temp so easily gives me creative control” Quarrie said.

Who is this made for?

The lightweight portable light is designed for videographers and photographers on the go. It runs on 6xAA batteries and can be operated both on and off camera.

This makes it a perfect bit of kit to add in to your kitbag.

What else does it offer?

Rotolight claim the light is 85% brighter in continuous mode compared to its previous version, meaning the latest iteration has looked to make big strides since its first introduction.

The little gadget is also adjustable, allowing you to dim and adjust colours to suit whatever you need on set.

Is it worth it?

There is no word on the exact pricing or availability of the NEO 2, but it’s predecessor, the NEO, is currently on the market for £190.

You can buy cheap LED lights off amazon but if you’re looking for a more professional investment, the NEO 2 may be a good choice for you.