Major updates for colour correction, finishing and film ‘looks’ editing package


Red Giant has announced the launch of its Magic Bullet Suite 13 package that incorporates a raft of upgrades to its long-standing software and, for the first time ever, features real-time colour correction across the suite through Mercury Playback support in Adobe Premiere Pro.

The package features “significant updates” to six of its key tools – now known as Looks 4.0, Colorista IV, Denoiser III, Mojo II, Cosmo II and Film 1.2 – plus the addition of the new tool that’s been dubbed ‘Magic Bullet Renoiser’.

Renoiser tool
As its name suggests the Renoiser tool is effectively a way of adding grain and cinematic texture to footage to make it less clean but with more of a ‘cinematic feel’. It includes 16 noise and grain presets based on real film stocks so you can get the look of 16mm, Super 8mm, Classic 35mm and many more options.

Looks 4.0
Looks 4.0 offers over 200 fully customisable ‘Looks’ presets for footage, including 50 new Looks, plus a set of tools that let you create your own, unique Looks. This should help to simplify and make your colour grading easy to use and adjust. The tool also has updated scopes so they can be resized and users can zoom in and out of the hue/saturation scope.

Colorista IV
This tool is designed to bring streamlined, professional colour correction directly to your editing timeline. Colorista IV includes a new, guided colour correction workflow for quick balancing of shots and a powerful Adobe panel that should help to make grading easier than before.

Denoiser III
Said to have been rewritten from scratch this tool offers swift, straightforward noise reduction – it’s just a case of applying it to ensure your footage looks better instantly. Red Giant claims it is “the fastest noise removing software on the market”.

Mojo II
Mojo II is meant to allow you to easily give your footage a cinematic colour grade akin to a Hollywood film in just a few seconds. The tool emphasises skin tones while giving footage a film-like contrast and the complementary colour palette of a big budget movie.

Cosmo II
Cosmo II is a digital cosmetic clean-up tool that can correct skin tones and remove blemishes or ageing skin (wrinkles) from people in your films. It includes a skin sampling tool so you can target exact skin tones to make the process more intuitive and straightforward.

Film 1.2
This tool gives your footage the authentic look and colour of real film. It emulates not just the film stocks themselves but the entire photo chemical process, from the original film negative to colour grading, film grain and vignette and finally to the film stock.

Find out more…
As with many of its software packages Red Giant is offering a fully-functional free trial of Magic Bullet 13 – to find out more about the software and download a free trial just click here. To discover more about the fundamentals of colour grading just watch our short tuition video by clicking here.