Take our quick quiz to test out your camera shot knowledge

Whether you’re working on a wedding video or your first feature film, the type of camera shots you use are often the same.

They allow you to frame your subject in different ways alongside conveying things like emotion and story through the way you organise your shots. It’s therefore really important to master these basics to be able to make it as a professional videographer.

If you draw your inspiration from films and TV shows, you will see how often these iconic shots are used. But when you start incorporating them in your work, then you’ll be able to instantly make your film look that bit more high budget and less student film.

We’ve put together a little quiz to test your skills and knowledge of film shots. Once you’ve got the terminology nailed, then you’ll be able to put them in your own work.

Don’t be too disheartened if you didn’t score as well as you’d hoped and need to get revising on your filmmaking skills. The Video Mode has the solution with our tuition articles ready and waiting for you to study them.