Nikon have spoken exclusively to us about the fact that the Nikon D5 only records 4K video footage internally for 3mins


Whilst the internal 4K recording of the Nikon D5 was welcomed by many videographers yesterday, it later became clear that the camera is only capable of shooting internal 4K footage for a maximum of 3mins. We discussed why this may be the case in our article here.

Since then we have had the chance to speak to Dirk Jesper, Product Manager at Nikon Europe, who was able to tell us a little bit more behind the reasons for the Nikon D5 being limited to a 3min 4k recording time.

TVM: People want to know more about the maximum recording time on the D5 when shooting 4K. Can you tell us why it’s limited to three minutes and whether it has anything to do with the weather sealing of the camera? 

DJ: No, it has nothing to do with the weather sealing of the camera. It’s a matter of processing and the heat which is generated during processing. We work with a generic crop on the sensor for the 4K, however the primary concept and idea of this camera is not about video. The D500 goes the full half an hour (29mins and 59seconds) but the focus was different here. Based upon the feedback of the users of this camera (the Nikon D5), which are mostly journalists and sports photographers, they tend to record short snippets rather than lengthy live coverage.

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  • Funn Foto

    I was thinking the same .. I forgot that there are some cameras when used with an Atmos it can get past the 3min mark. Just like the Sony and G4 when they 1st came out. I mean you would have thought they looked at where they dropped the ball and get this right. So what they are saying is that wait for the D800s around the $3500 mark. That should get us what we want.

  • RES

    So if heat is the issue, does this mean that even with an external recorder we can’t go past 3 minutes? Or that if we can we should expect some sort of heat related sensor artifacts?

  • Bob Newman

    In fact, when you said ‘is it about the weather sealing’ (your thinking being that they couldn’t get the heat out fast enough, after saying ‘no’ he confirmed your suspicion. I would guess it’s about heat generated in the sensor when reading out 4k at 30FPS, a problem not shared by the D500, or for that matter, the canon 1D C.