As expected the new Nikon D5 professional DSLR shoots 4K and has a maximum ISO of 3,280,000!


Nikon has finally launched a DSLR with internal 4K UHD (3840×2160 pixel) capture with new professional level Nikon D5. The camera boast 4K recording at 30p, 25p or 24p in what it is describing as a ‘dot by dot native pixel crop, which ensures the highest image quality’. This sounds like it is describing an 8-million-pixel crop, with no pixel binning, from the 20.8-million-pixel CMOS sensor.

UPDATE: A closer inspection of the specifications of the Nikon D5 reveal that it can in fact only shoot a maximum of 3mins in its 4K UHD capture mode. Read more here

UPDATE II: The Nikon D5 has a 4k bitrate of 144 Mb/s, internal recording is 4:2:0 8-bit and, we believe that the external recording via HDMI is 4:2:2 10-bit – we are just waiting for Nikon to confirm this.

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Full HD 1080p video can also be captured at up to 50p/60p in both a full sensor and cropped mode, which is a little underwhelming as many professional were hoping for a 100fps option for capturing 4x slow motion footage. We are awaiting details on how this information is read and whether it is downsampled or pixel binning.

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Video is saved as .MOV files with H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC compression. Nikon recommend a card that is capable of recording at 45MB/s for recording video. Coping with the vast amount of data created by the 4k video is easily dealt with by the Nikon D5 possessing not one, but two XQD card sockets, as well as a USB 3.0 data connection. Interestingly a dual compactflash version will also be available.

However, the big talking point for many videographers will be the highly impressive ISO range which is 100-102,400 in its standard mode, and up to and mind blowing ISO 3,280,000 in its extended range. Obviously we aren’t expecting the best quality as these setting, but it does have knock on effect as to what the video quality will look like in lower down the range, so expect excellent noise performance that will possibly make it go head to head with the Sony A7S II in terms of low-light performance.

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Of course, the Nikon D5 has a built-in stereo microphone, but there are also 3.5mm jack sockets for both external microphones, and headphones, to be used.

Size and weight:  around 160 × 158.5 × 92mm and 1235g Body Only

The Nikon D5 will start shipping in the UK in March 2016 and will cost £5,199.99